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    I wish I had done this years ago. No more denture glue for me!

    - Jane D. Birmingham, AL

    Dental Implant Procedures

    Advanced tooth replacement with a dental implant

    No one ever wants to lose a tooth. But as we age, this becomes a reality for most people. In the past, dentists would have damaged other teeth to place a traditional bridge. However, with the advancements in dental technology today, the dental implant is now the “Gold Standard” of care.

    With success rates of over 95%, dental implants are the most predictable and least invasive tooth replacement option on the market. The best part is that you never feel the implant and it looks like a real tooth!

    Your Dream Smile is Achievable

    Many people suffering from failing teeth, tooth loss, and denture wearing feel hopeless, but this doesn't have to be the case.

    With dental implants, we can improve your smile, ability to chew, and make you look decades younger. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, we specialize in utilizing implants to give you new permanent teeth fast!

    Can dentures be stabilized with dental implants?

    Absolutely! Dental implants and specialized attachments can be connected with your dentures to prevent the slipping and sliding effect.

    If you suffer from speech issues, tissue irritation, lack of chewing ability, or you are just tired of using denture glue, dental implants can help. This cost-effective treatment can alleviate many of the common issues denture wearers face.

    Traditional Bridge vs. Dental Implant

    Your New Teeth Now Results

    Traditional Denture vs. Implant Overdenture

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